Listing Alert

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Project Overview
Listing Alert, is a start-up company catering to real estate agents. I was tasked with creating a strong brand identity, a visually appealing logo, engaging social media graphics, an intuitive mobile app design, and a compelling website design. Listing Alert aims to streamline the property matching process by allowing agents to input properties and buyers and facilitating matches between them. Additionally, a desktop dashboard is available for brokerages offices to manage their agents, listings, buyers, and other essential information. By understanding the core values, target audience, and unique selling points of Listing Alert, I successfully crafted a cohesive visual identity that aligns with the company's vision and resonates with its users.
Understanding the needs and preferences of real estate agents, I created an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app design for Listing Alert. The design emphasized simplicity, ease of use, and seamless property matching functionality. I prioritized features that allow agents to input properties and buyers, facilitating efficient matches and enhancing the overall user experience. The mobile app design is visually appealing while maintaining focus on usability and practicality.

Designs for Listing Alert's Mobile App and Dashboard can be viewed here.
UX UI Design
Listing Alert Mobile App
Listing Alert Desktop Dashboard
I developed a series of engaging and visually consistent social media graphics for Listing Alert. These graphics effectively communicated Listing Alert's unique selling points, such as its ability to match buyers with suitable properties and vice versa. The visuals were designed to capture the attention of the target audience and promote user engagement. I ensured that the social media graphics maintain consistency with Listing Alert's brand identity, reinforcing its visual language across different platforms.
Graphic Design
Listing Alert Social Media &
Ad Campaigns
Brand Development
Listing Alert Logo &
Brand Book
Based on the insights gathered from the brand identity exploration, I created a captivating logo that represents Listing Alert's mission to simplify and enhance the property matching process for real estate agents. The logo encapsulates the app's user-friendly nature, efficiency, and connectivity between agents and buyers. I focused on designing a logo that is memorable, scalable, and visually appealing across various platforms and mediums.