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Project Overview
Tatstat, a dynamic start-up company aiming to revolutionize the way tattoo artists schedule clients and collect deposits. I was entrusted with creating a strong brand identity, a visually appealing logo, engaging social media graphics, an intuitive mobile app design, and a compelling website design. By understanding the core values, target audience, and unique selling points of Tatstat, I successfully crafted a cohesive visual identity that aligns with the company's vision and resonates with its users.
Tatstat Mobile App
Understanding the needs and preferences of both tattoo artists and their clients, I created an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app design for Tatstat. The design emphasizes simplicity, ease of use, and seamless integration with Google Calendar. Using Figma and UserTesting I focused on providing a smooth and efficient scheduling process, deposit collection, and communication features, enhancing the overall experience for both tattoo artists and their clients.  

The UI designs can be viewed here.
Web Design
Tatstat Website
I developed a captivating and informative website design for Tatstat utilizing Leadpages. The website serves as a digital hub where potential users can learn about the app's features, benefits, and download instructions. I ensured that the website design maintains consistency with the brand identity established for Tatstat, while also incorporating clear call-to-action elements to encourage user sign-ups and engagement. 

Tatstat's website can be viewed here.
Graphic Design
Tatstat Social Media &
Ad Campaigns
I developed a series of engaging and visually consistent social media graphics and social media campaigns for Tatstat. These graphics aim to capture the attention of the target audience, promote the app's features, and drive user engagement. I carefully crafted a cohesive visual language to ensure that Tatstat's social media presence is recognizable and aligns with its brand identity.
Brand Development
Tatstat Brand Book &
Logo Design
Based on the insights gathered from the brand identity exploration, I created a captivating logo that encapsulates the essence of Tatstat. The logo reflects the app's user-friendly nature, and convenience. We focused on creating a design that is memorable, scalable, and visually appealing across various mediums.

View the Brand Book
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