UX / UI Design
Project Overview
I worked on a diverse team comprising members from the UK, Spain, and New Zealand. The team's primary objective was to enhance the user experience of Welfound, a mobile app, that connects finance professionals to jobs, by redesigning its interface and improving its overall flow. The project involved several crucial stages, including the creation of user personas, the development of user surveys, the iteration of low fidelity wireframes, the refinement of high fidelity wireframes, and comprehensive user testing of the final designs. The team worked together cohesively, leveraging their expertise to present Welfound with a user-centric and visually engaging mobile app design.

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To ensure a user-centric design approach, the team began by creating user personas that represented the target audience of the Welfound mobile app. These personas were based on extensive research and insights gathered from potential users.

In order to gather further user insights and validate design decisions, the team developed and distributed user surveys to a representative sample of potential Welfound app users. The surveys aimed to uncover user preferences, expectations, and pain points related to the app's existing interface and flow.

With user personas and survey results in hand, the team created low fidelity wireframes that outlined the redesigned app's structure and navigation.Building upon the insights gained from the low fidelity wireframes, the team translated the design concepts into high fidelity wireframes. These wireframes incorporated the app's visual aesthetics, color schemes, typography, and iconography, providing a more refined representation of the final product.

To validate the usability and effectiveness of the redesigned mobile app, the team conducted extensive user testing sessions. Users were presented with the high fidelity wireframes and asked to perform key tasks and provide feedback on their experience. The team carefully observed user interactions and gathered insights that informed further design refinements. The iterative nature of user testing ensured that the final designs met the needs and expectations of the target audience.
UX Academy
Intermediate UX Course

I participated in a User Experience design course based out of London. I participated in 6 weeks of classes that went over UX techniques.